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Edinburgh Tour Packages

Scotland Tour Packages

Country: United Kingdom / Scotland
Capital City: Edinburgh
Currency: Pound sterlingb

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, United Kingdom.It is located in Lothian on the Firth of Forth's southern shore.Edinburgh is first named as Castle Rock. Edinburgh is the second largest city in the nation. It is one of the liveliest and the most beautiful cities in Europe.

It consists of rusting buildings, spectacular rocks and collection of medieval and classic architecture. It is one of the most popular destinations to be visited by Tourists in the world. You can explore narrow streets, stairs, hidden church yards, passageways on every step and can explore the city by walk.

It is the first city to be called as the UNESCO city of Literature. There are many Museums and libraries to be visited in Scotland. Edinburgh also has diverse Landscapes.

Edinburgh is famous for many attractions like, Calton Hill, Edinburgh Castle, National Museum, Royal Mile, Deep sea world, Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Magdalen Chapel, Botanical Gardens, Scottish Parliament. Edinburgh also has many theatres for stage performances like plays, music, opera, cabarets and music concerts. 

You can cover most of the important attractions in Edinburgh within 3-4 days tour. At Aliya Tour Packages, based on your preferences we can design a tailor made holiday to London.


Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. This place is blessed with green hills, blue sea, the silhouettes of the buildings and the red cliffs. It is famous for the Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe. Fringe is the largest international festival in the world. Edinburgh is the first city in the entire world to have its own fire service.

Edinburgh is a center of intellectual activity some of which are Finance, law, tourism, educational and cultural affairs. Edinburgh comprises of old town and new town. The old town was build up in Middle ages with castle rocks. New Town is made up of streets, crescents and terraces.

Edinburg has 4 main airports. Edinburgh airport is one of the busiest airports in Scotland. It is six miles away from city centre. Edinburgh airport (airport code: EDI) is located in the Ingliston area of the city of Edinburgh.  There are bus services available from airport to the city center and the journey time is 25-30 minutes.

CLIMATE: Edinburgh has mild climate. It has a temperate maritime climate with cold and humid winters and mild summers. November to February is winters which are cold but not freezing, autumns are from September to October. March to May is spring. This is the best time to take part in various activities like cycling, golfing, fishing, hiking, etc. Summers are from June to August. Maximum tourism takes place during this period. Hence, it is considered to be the busiest months.

PEOPLE & LIFE STYLE: Edinburgh has been named the best city in the United Kingdom for quality of life. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. It is a pollution free city providing a healthy environment and quality of life to the people living there. The spectacular architecture is a must see in Edinburgh. It is recognized as the central location for business. Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city. People of Edinburgh are mixture of middle class professionals and non-professionals. Apart from Scottish, there are many people from Asia and Middle East.
Residents of Edinburgh are quite friendly and social. Natives of Scotland greet each other warmly and are open for help to lost tourists. Residents of Edinburgh have great respect for elderly people. People of Edinburgh celebrate all events and festivals with great zeal. Fringe, one of the main festivals, starts one week prior to the Edinburgh festivaland finishes at the end of August.

GETTING TO EDINBURGH: International tourist of most of the countries can fly directly to Edinburgh.Edinburgh airport has one terminal and almost more than 9 million passengers fly to this destination every year. Edinburgh airport is six miles away from city Centre. Passengers travelling to Edinburgh can use different modes to travel from airport to the city Centre. You can use Trams, cars, Train, tubes, pre-booked cab and ride share services from Edinburgh Airport. Total time from airport to city center is 25 to 30 minutes.

VISA: To visit Edinburgh, one must have UK Visa.If you are a US passport Holder, then you may not require UK tourist visa for travel up to 6 months. Type of visa also depends upon your Nationality and length of Stay.

CURRENCY: Currency of Edinburgh is British Pound (currency code: GBP). Pound is divided into 100 pence. Currency is available in various denominations that can be easily differentiated. Coins in London exist in ten denominations starting from1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 25p, 50p. £1, £2, £5. There are notes/bills £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100.

Few Others:
Travel insurance is must when visiting Scotland.
Wear comfortable shoes as you will have a lot to walk
Drink responsibly
Sim cards are widely available
Avoid tourist trap restaurants.
Carry a universal travel adapter.
Appropriate clothing required
Need to carry pack of scarf
Beware of pickpockets and local scams
Don’t smoke in public areas
Emergency Numbers: The most important emergency number is 101 or 999.

Activities in Edinburgh / Attractions in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle:
Edinburgh castle is a fort built on old extinct castle called as Castle Rock. The Castle was once the home for kings and queens. Castle Rock is used as a military station and many Royal residents lived there for centuries. This castle is famous for architecture of old city’s town. It is one of the most famous castles in Edinburgh. There are many attractions to be seen inside the castle such as One O’clock Gun which is at castle’s main gate, National War Museum which was constructed as a Military Hospital, Great Hall with echoed walls, The Royal Palace, Regimental Museum, The Stone of Destiny where kings were enthroned, the underground stone vaults, St Margaret’s Chapel, Half moon Battery, Mons Meg gun, The Queen’s Embroideries, Crown Jewels, Scottish National War Memorial.

Royal Mile: Royal Mile is one of the most famous streets in Edinburgh. It is approximately around 1.8 km in length and connects Edinburgh Castle and Palace of Holyrood house. Royal is constructed on the long-extinct volcanoand is one of the busiest tourist streets in Old town.There are many attractions that can be seen like Camera Obscura, Scotch Whisky Experience,The Royal Mile MarketAt Tron Kirk, , St Giles’ Cathedral, Victoria Street, Mary King’s close, The Scottish Parliament, The Palace Of Holyrood house, Witches Well and many more.

The Scotch whisky Experience: This is one of the most sensational attractions in Edinburgh.It is situated at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. begins with a whisky barrel ride followed by introduction of different aromas of whiskey by an expert while explain the production process. You can taste the whiskey as per your preferred choice. You can also view the largest collection of Scotch whiskey while your tour. You will receive a crystal whisky tumbler as a memory to your visit to the Scotch Whisky Experience. Minimum drinking age is 18 years in this Tour.

Outlook Tower & Camera Obscura: It is the oldest visitor attraction in Edinburgh, delighting visitors since 19th century. Camera Obscura is at the top of Outlook Tower and is made up of numerous mirrors in a dark room which creates illusion and gives the “virtual” tour of the city. The tower is located on Castle Hill next to Edinburgh Castle. The attraction has five floors with interactive exhibitions full of puzzles, optical illusions, colours, a mirror maze, a tunnel and holograms. Visitors can walk through Tunnels of Light and play with holograms.This exhibition is very enjoyable for visitors especially, kids.

Writers' Museum: The Museum is situated in Lady Stair’s house on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The Writers’ Museum commemorates the lives and works of three of the greatest Scottish writers: Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson. The Museum holds paintings, books, portraits, manuscripts, personal objects of the 3 writers.

The Holyrood Palace: The Holyrood Palace is the official residence of the British Monarch in Scotland. All Kings and Queens since 16th century used to reside here in Holyrood Palace. The Holyrood House is located at the end of Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Many national celebrations and events in Scotland take place in Holyrood Palace. Visitors can explore many historic and State Apartments, the romantic ruins of Holyrood Abbey and remarkable royal gardens. The Great Gallery is the largest room in the palace. The Gallery connects the King’s Suite with the historic apartments of James V’s Tower.

Edinburgh Dungeons: Edinburgh Dungeon is one of the most thrilling attractions which involve an underground journey on the East Market Street in Edinburgh city centre. Dungeons include group of live actors, theatrical sets and thrilling rides, audience attractions, special effects, art theming and performances.It’s a hilarious fun and also a bit scary.The recommended age for The Edinburgh Dungeon is 8 years and above.

Scottish Parliament Building: The Scottish Parliament Building is located at the foot of Royal Mile in front of Holyrood Park and Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh. The Parliament has various campuses each showing different architectural style. The Spanish architect EnricMiralles started designing the building in the year 1999 but died before its completion. The debating chamber contains horseshoe shaped seating. There is also a Garden lobby at the centre of the Parliament which connects the debating chamber, committee rooms and administrative offices.Scottish Parliament is open for visitors for 6 days, i.e. Monday to Saturday.

St. Giles Cathedral: St. Giles Cathedral is located on Royal mile, between Edinburgh Castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse. St Giles' was the church of John Knox during the Reformation and is also referred to as the 'Cradle of Presbyterianism’. The most impressive part of the church is its beautiful stained-glass windows though which a pleasant light penetrates inside. The Thistle Chapel is also a must see for the visitors.

National Museum of Scotland: National Museum of Scotland is among the Top 10 most visited museums in United Kingdom. This Museum was built in 2006. The National Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Admission to this museum is free. The Museum contains the wonders of nature, art, design and fashion and science and technology. One of the main attractions of this museum is Dolly, the cloned sheep, the first mammal to have been successfully cloned from an adult cell.

Holyrood Park & Arthurs Seat: Hollywood Park is situated in Royal mile and joins the heart of the city. Located in park’s highest point is Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s seat is the ancient volcano and is the main peak of group of hills. The hill can be climbed from various directions, but the easiest direction is from the east.

Calton Hill: Calton Hill is located in the center of Edinburgh. Calton Hill is a popular visitor’s place for its grassy slopes and panoramic view including Princes street and Edinburgh Castle. You can also see cliffs of Salisbury Crags, Arthur's Seat, and the undulating slopes of Holyrood Park.Calton Hill is a hub of many Edinburgh festivals shows especially in August and offers a fantastic view of festival’s firework displays.

Edinburgh Zoo: Edinburgh Zoo, formerly known as the Scottish National Zoological Park, is owned by The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS).The Zoo is situated three miles to the west of Edinburgh city center in 82 acres of sloping parklands. It is the city’s second top attraction after Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Zoo is the center for scientific research, education, captive breedingand conservation.

Museum of Childhood: The Museum of Childhood is situated on Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It is the first museum in the world that depicts the history of childhood. It has various collections of toys, trinkets and games from various generations and periods. It has collection of items from 18th to 21st century. Adults also enjoy visiting this Museum as it reminds them of their childhood looking at various toys and games with which they used to play. There is also a collection of books, comics and magazines in the Museum.

National Portrait Gallery: National Portrait Gallery is one of the most iconic buildings situated in the city centre on Queens Street in Edinburgh. The Gallery displays the collection of portraits and collection of Scottish photography. Museum displays 5 exhibitions and holds almost 30 events every year. The Museum also holds story telling activity for kids. The Gallery also has shops, café, reading spaces and touch-screen gallery.    

Greyfriars Kirk: Greyfriars Kirk is an active church situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. It is one of the oldest buildings in Old Towns of Edinburgh and is also called as GreyfriarsTolbooth and Highland Kirk. Greyfriars are divided into two worship places- Old Greyfriars and New Greyfriars. The interiors of the church are beautiful. The kirkyard has memorials of centuries and also a resting place of many famous Scottish people.

The Meadows: The Meadows is a large park to the south of the city centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. The park is one of the city’s most popular green spaces, adjoining the main Edinburgh University area. The Meadows have many facilities like play area for children, tennis court, club, café and also a place for celebrating festivals, sports day and other events and tournaments.

Royal Lyceum Theatre: Royal Lyceum Theatre is one of the Scotland’s largest theatres with one of the most original and unaltered architect work. The Theatre was built in the year 1883 and has a seating capacity of more than 650 seats. The Theatre is famous for its classical and contemporary work and displays the best of international drama from September to May.

Hop-on Hop off sightseeing buses: There are many hop on hop off sightseeing Bus tours is the best way to get around the city while seeing top attractions especially when you have limited time and you want to make the most of it. There are buses that depart at regular intervals from fixed departure points. The tour gives you flexibility to choose the attraction you wish to explore at your own pace. The best part of Hop off Hop On tour is that you can hop off one bus by checking out and later hop on to another tour bus once you are done with the complete visit of a particular place or in case you want to spend more time in one place. You can have a panoramic view from the Top deck in Hop on Hop off Buses. Hop on hop buses are of 24 or 48 hours duration.

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