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London Tour Packages

United Kingdom Tour Packages

Country: United Kingdom
Capital City: London
Largest City: London
Currency: Pound sterling

London is the capital and the largest city of United kingdom and England, is located in the Western Europe and is the world’s largest financial centre. River Thames travel through the city.London is one of the oldest among the great cities of the world. It is the largest and the political and economic center, of Britain. More than 300 languages are spoken in London. It is one of the richest city in the world.

It is known for its educational institutes. London is famous for many attractions like Big Ben, Tower of London, London Eye, Buckingham Palace. It is also famous for fish, Chips, tea, Oasis, Red Buses, the Beatles.

London has the best theatre scene in the world. London is famous for its many modern and old tourist destinations. You can cover most of the important attractions in London within 4-5 days tour. At Aliya Tour Packages, based on your preferences we can design a tailor made holiday to London.


London is one of the largest city of both England and United Kingdom. Unlike other European cities, London life has global economy, global population movements and global culture. Forty percent of the city is green in London, making it one of the greenest city in the world. London is also in a major time-zone advantage for doing business with Asia.

London is famous for some of its foods like Fish, chips, Bangers, Mash, English breakfast, Roast Beef, Tea, Pie, etc

London has five major airports: London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted.London Heathrow Airport is the busiest and largest airport in the UK. London Heathrow is 26 kms from London. It is the main hub of London. It handles more than 75 million international passengers annually. There are many airlines of London, top 5 being, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, FlyBe, Jet2.com & EasyJet.

London is one of the most beautiful destinations to be visited in United Kingdom. London is situated in the southeastern England. There are many Museums, National Gallery, Palaces, and luxurious shopping malls to be seen in London.

CLIMATE: London has an oceanic climate, with warm summers and cool winters. During the year, London has the significant amount of rainfall. December to February is cold; temperature is hardly below freezing point during night time. The driest month is February. July is the hottest month and January is coldest. October is the wettest month. Summers are from June to August with pleasant day and night. Winters are from January to February. Autumns are from October to December and Spring is from March to May. Rainfall is quite frequent.

PEOPLE & LIFE STYLE: London is one of the cosmopolitan cities having people with different ethnics, religion and countries. Lifestyle in London is intense and pleasant. London is the one of the most expensive cities in the world. Life standard of people are high in London. There is more than thousands of security camera located throughout the city. London is the center of every world premier events.

London is a multi-cultural place. People of London strictly follow the rules. People of London are very sensitive to nature.There are countless number of festivals, carnivals and events that are held in the city of London.

GETTING TO LONDON: International tourist of most of the countries can fly directly to London.London airport Heathrow is the main hub and one of the busiest airport of London, UK. It is located 14 miles west of central London. It is the best airport to get into town. London Heathrow has almost more than 75 million passengers passing through every year. You can use Train, tubes, pre-booked cab and ride share services from Heathrow Airport. London has five major airports: London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted. Gatwick is 25 miles from the city center and spread over 2 terminals, North and South.

VISA: To visit London, one must have UK Visa.If you are a US passport Holder, then you may not require UK tourist visa for travel up to 6 months. Type of visa also depends upon your Nationality and length of Stay.

CURRENCY: Currency of London is British Pound (currency code: GBP). Pound is divided into 100 pence. Currency is available in various denominations that can be easily differentiated. Coins in London exist in ten denominations starting from1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 25p, 50p. £1, £2, £5.There are notes/bills £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100.

Few Others:
Travel insurance is must when visiting United Kingdom.
Wear comfortable shoes as you will have a lot to walk
Drink responsibly
Sim cards are widely available
Avoid tourist trap restaurants.
Carry a universal travel adapter.
Appropriate clothing required
Need to carry pack of scarf
Beware of pickpockets and local scams
Don’t smoke in public areas
Emergency Numbers: The most important emergency number is 112 or 999.

Few top destinations near London:

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England and is managed by English Heritage. It is 3 kms to the west of Amesbury.  Stonehenge was built in six stages from the Neolithic Period to the Bronze Age. It is one of the world’s most famous monuments. The stones laid out in Stonehenge are concentric rings and horseshoe shapes on the empty Salisbury Plain. There are two types of stone used at Stonehenge: the larger sarsens, and the smaller bluestones.

Bath: Bath is the largest city of Somerset in England. It is famous for its Roman-built baths. Bath is an historic Roman and Georgian spa city. Bath is located in the valley for River Avon. It is approximately 90 minutes journey from London to Bath. There are many festivals that take place in Bath throughout the year. There is also a Bath Fringe festival that takes place in June.

Oxford: Oxford University is situated in the city of Oxford, about 90kms north-wast of London. Oxford is unique and historic institutions in the world. It is one of the leading universities in the world. It was established around 11th century. There are more than 35 colleges and six halls in Oxford University. The colleges and the university work together to organize teaching and research.

Windsor: Windsor is located in southeast England on River Thames. Windsor Castle, a residence of British Royal family is located in Windsor. It is the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world and it has been a residence of British Kings and queens. The original castle was built in 11th century. The Queen used to spend her weekend home in this castle. The Royal Borough’s museum is also located in Windsor. Windsor Castle is surrounded by extensive parkland.Windsor also has a racecourse famous for themed meetings.

Stratford-upon-Avon: It is also known as Stratford. It is a market town in Stratford-on Avon district, in England on River Avon. This place marks the birthplace of William Shakespeare. At first, Stratford upon Avon was a typical village but later it was transformed into a town. Stratford upon Avon also has largest tropical butterfly farm where one can discover the most beautiful species of Butterflies.

Activities in London/ Attractions in London

Museum of London: 
London has many museums across the city. The Museum of London is a must see for any visitor. Museum exhibits the London from pre-historic times till modern times. The Museum of London is located in the city of London on the London wall. It primarily talks about the social history of London and its inhabitants throughout the time. The museum consists of series of chronological galleries containing original artefacts, models, pictures and diagrams, with a strong emphasis on archaeological discoveries, the built city, urban development and London's social and cultural life, with interactive displays and activities for all ages.Entry to the Museum of London is free.

National Gallery: National Gallery is an art museum in the city of Westminster, in Central London. It has collection of more than 2300 paintings from 13th century till 20th century. Entry to National Gallery is free. National gallery has collection of various famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Claude Monet, and Michelangelo. The gallery often has visiting exhibitions of other famous artists.

Buckingham Palace: Buckingham Palace is the official London residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom. This royal palace is must see if you are a first time visitor. There are state rooms beautifully decorated and is used for various official functions. There are many beautiful works of art hanging on the walls of Buckingham Palace. There isa grand Staircase in Buckingham Palace. Throne Room is a favoriteof many of the visitors. The Palace is open to public in summer months when queen is not in residence. The palace is used for various great royal events, ceremonies, and garden parties.

Kensington Palace: Kensington Palace is a royal residence set in Kensington Gardens, once home to Princess Diana's and now home of Kate and Wills. This Palace displays many paintings and other royal collections. The State rooms are open to Public. Kensington Palace was the favorite residence of many sovereigns until 1760. It was also the birthplace and childhood home of Queen Victoria.

Tower Bridge: Tower Bridge is one of the London’s famous bridges. It is the bascule and suspension bridge on River Thames. Tower Bridge has two Towers that are built in Gothic style. It is located near Tower of London. The Tower Bridge is close to the harbor so it was necessary for it to be made in a way that it can allow passing of ships. It also has an upgraded glass walkaway for pedestrians to walk and stand right above the River Thames. The Exhibition shows photos, displays and films that tells the history of Tower Bridge.The bridge connected Horselydown Lane, today Tower Bridge Road, with Iron Gate, today Tower Bridge Approach.

The Tower of London: The Tower of London is located just across from Tower Bridge, on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. The Tower of London is a 900-year-old castle and fortress in central London. It was built as a royal palace and a defense system.

Big Ben: The Elizabeth Tower is the name of the famous tower of Parliament is popularly known as Big Ben. Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.  Big Ben is the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. The official name of the tower in which Big Ben is located was originally the Clock Tower, but it was renamed Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben is the world's largest four-faced chiming clock. It is particularly nice to look at this in the evenings when the four clock faces are illuminated.Built in honor of Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century, the clock still rings every fifteen minutes, keeping Londoners punctual to this day.

The Westminster Abbey: Formally titled the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster,the abbey is located next to the Houses of Parliament and was built in the Gothic style. Westminster Abbey has been the coronation church for the British Monarch since ages. The architecture within Westminster Abbey is beyond spectacular and the pendant fan vault ceiling is beyond beautiful and definitely must be seen in person.

London EyeThe London Eye is one of the London’s Top attractions for visitors. The London Eye is gigantic wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London.It is Europe's tallest cantilevered observation wheel and is also known as the Millennium Wheel. London Eye is the world’s tallest Ferris wheels. It is 443 ft tall and has diameter of 394ft. The Giant wheel takes around 30 minutes to complete one revolution. One can see most of London landmarks from London Eye: the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Shard, the river Thames of course, Buckingham Palace, The Tower and The Tower Bridge, St.Paul's Cathedral, London parks and gardens, etc.

St Paul’s Cathedral: St. Paul's Cathedral is an iconic part of London's skyline with its world famous dome. It is located within the central City of London. It is considered as an architectural masterpiece and is one of Europe’s largest cathedrals.The dome is amongst the highest in the world. There is a whispering gallery after climbing steps up the dome inside the cathedral. There are many monuments within the Cathedral.

Trafalgar Square: Trafalgar Square is a public square in the City of Westminster, Central London. The square is one of the biggest in London. The square has been used for community gatherings and political demonstrations.Trafalgar Square is surrounded by museums, galleries, cultural spaces and historic buildings. It also has café houses on the square. Many events takes place in Trafalgar Square such as photographic shoots ,cultural celebrations, commercial events, rallies and demonstrations and filming.There are four large plinths in Trafalgar Square.

Hyde Park: Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in central London, and one of the Royal Parks of London. The park is famous for its Speakers' Corner.Hyde Park is known for its greenery, open spaces, and numerous monuments. The other attractions of the Park are the Memorial Fountain for the late Princess Diana and the Rose garden.

Shard building: The Shardis one of the tallest buildings in London and in western Europe. It is also known as “Shard of Glass”. The Shard is made up of 11,000 glass panels on its exterior. The building is named as it is modelled on a shard of glass. This building has 95 floors and is served by 36 lifts. The Shard has home to apartments, a hotel, offices, a retail arcade, and restaurants and bars. The viewing area is on floors 68, 69 and 72.

Millennium Bridge: The Millennium Bridge is officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge. It is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames in London, linking Bankside with the City of London. It is also called as "Wobbly Bridge" by the Londoners. The Millennium Bridge is perfectly aligned toSt Paul's Cathedral. There are many art works on the Bridge that adds to its beauty.

Madame Tussauds: Madame TussaudsLondon is a wax museum located on Marylebone Road, just one minute walk from Baker Street underground station. It has smaller museums in a number of other major cities. It was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud. It consists of wax figures of the most happening and famous personalities.

Wembley Stadium: Wembley Stadium is London's largest and most prestigious sporting stadium.Wembley is located in the north west London. It is home to the Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium.London's Wembley Stadium hosts England's home matches, live music concerts and other sporting events.Stadium also has exclusive Club Wembley Middle Tier, England dressing rooms and Press Conference Room.

Arcelormittal orbit and slide: The Arcelormittal Orbit, also known as orbit Tower, is located Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, positioned alongside Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London. It has two observation platforms, Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Centre. It has UK’s tallest public artwork with the ride on the tallest and longest tunnel slide in the world. The Slide is made up of 12 twists and turns, including a tight corkscrew.

Thames RIB experience: Thames RIB Experience operates the largest and fastest fleet of speedboats on the River Thames. This is one of the most adventurous sightseeing.  The two main experiences include Canary Wharf and Thames Barrier. You will know about the iconic landmarks and structures you pass with the informal yet entertaining guided commentaryon the many amazing modern and historical sites along the River Thames. This is one of the thrilling experiences with high-speed Thames RIB boats and music and top tunes if added to the visit.

Piccadilly Circus: Piccadilly Circus is a road junction and public space of London's West End in the City of Westminster.Piccadilly Circusis an ideal destination for anyone planning to visit Chinatown. It is near many other attractions such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street's shopping area, Leicester Square or Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, the Houses of Parliament and Soho's theatre district.

Oxford Street: Oxford Street is a selection exclusive shopping for more than 300 shops & restaurants.Oxford Street is a major road in the City of Westminster in the West End of London. It runs from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch via Oxford Circus. It is Europe's busiest shopping street famous for fashion, entertainment, technology and innovation. You can find all Brands and iconic department stores. You also have plenty of choices as there are numerous restaurants across the oxford street.

The London Dungeon: The London Dungeon is located at County Hall, a historic building on the south bank of the River Thames, near the London Eye.The London Dungeon is a thrilling attraction that brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides. The recommended age for The London Dungeon is 12 years and above.

Warner Bros Studios: Warner Bros Studios is located in Leavesden in Hertfordshire, in southeast England. It is one of only a few places in the UK where large scale film productions can be made. You have the opportunity to explore the magic of Harry Potter film series, behind the scene and beautiful sets, costumes and props. You can also explore the facts about the special effects and animatronics that made these films so hugely popular all over the world.

Sea Life London: Sea Life London is located on the ground floor of County Hall on the South Bank of the River Thames in central London, near the London Eye. It has largest collection of global marine life and many sea life attractions in UK and Europe. The amazing glass tunnel walkway offers guests an unforgettable experience by strolling underneath a Tropical Ocean. Not only thousands of fishes, but visitors can also see penguins, seahorses, octopuses, and crabs. It is one of the world's biggest collections of Cownose rays. There are themed zones across the aquarium.

Lord's Cricket Ground: Lord's Cricket Ground is located in St John's Wood, London.Lords cricket ground is called the “Mecca of cricket” because it was the first officially built ground for the game of cricket. It was named lords honoring the architect/builder Thomas Lord. Lord's is very close to the centre of London and is easy to reach by tube, train, bus and bike. Lord's is the only international cricket venue in the world where spectators can bring alcohol into the ground.

Royal Opera House: The Royal Opera House (ROH) is an opera house and major performing arts venue in Covent Garden, central London.It is the home of The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. One can experience stunning performances of music and dance, backstage tours, delicious food and drink in opera House.

Shakespeare's Globe: Shakespeare's Globe is a globe theatre in London associated with William Shakespeare. It is located on the Southbank of the river Thames in Southwark, London in close proximity to the Bear Garden.The Theatre was among the first playhouses in England since Roman times. Shakespeare Globe Theatre was not only one of most famous playhouse's of all time, but the play house where Shakespeare performed many of his greatest plays.

London Transport Museum: London Transport Museum is situated in Covent Garden. London Transport Museum is the world's leading museum of urban transport. The museum operates from two sites within London.The main site in Covent Garden is open to public every day and located in Acton, is known as the London Transport Museum Depotis open on regular visitor days throughout the year.

London Zoo: London Zoo is also called Regent's Zoo. London Zoo is situated at the northern edge of Regent's Park. It is one of the oldest scientific zoo’s in the world and the most popular attractions. London zoo is a house of more than 690 species of animals. It is a fun, fascinating and peaceful animal oasis in the heart of London. It is a wonderful experience not only for kids but also for adults.London Zoo was originally built to keep animals for scientific research.Zoo has plenty of beautiful buildings.

Hop-on Hop off sightseeing buses: There are many hop on hop off red sightseeing Bus tours is the best way to get around the city while seeing top attractions especially when you have limited time and you want to make the most of it. There are buses that depart at regular intervals from fixed departure points. The tour gives you flexibility to choose the attraction you wish to explore at your own pace. The best part of Hop off Hop On tour is that you can hop off one bus by checking out and later hop on to another tour bus once you are done with the complete visit of a particular place or in case you want to spend more time in one place. Hop on hop buses are of 24 or 48 hours duration.

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