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Rome Tour Packages

Italy Tour Packages

Country: Italy
Currency: Euro

Rome is the capital of Italy since 1870, home of Catholic Churchand the Italian government, is located in the middle of the Italian Peninsula and is easily accessible from most important places from Italy and abroad.

Rome has been a popular travel destination for many years now and is a suitable destination for both adventurers and leisure travelers.

Rome is famous for its Architecture. One of the famous architecture symbols in Rome is Colosseum.

Rome is not only famous for art, history and culture, but also for its quiet spots, gardens and beaches.

You can cover most of the important attractions in Rome within 4-5night’s tour. At Aliya Tour Packages, based on your preferences we can design a tailor made holiday to Rome.


Rome is known as the Eternal capital of Italy. It is known for classical ruins, early places of worship, ancient fountains and Renaissance palazzos. It is one of the main tourist destinations because of its archaeological and artistic treasures.

Rome has two international airports; first Leonardo da Vinci, commonly known as Fiumicino and second Ciampino, used for charter flights. National carrier of Italy is Air Alitalia. Train is the most efficient means of Transportation for any land journey within Italy, to & fro from Rome. Bike Tours from north to south Rome is one of the popular Tourist attractions.

Rome is located about half way down Italy’s western coast. Within Rome’s enclave is Vatican City. Rome is also famous for its art work, hence known for its major world center for creative studies and performing arts. Street life of Rome is vibrant and constant.

CLIMATE: Rome has a Mediterranean Climate with Mild winters and warm to hot summers. Winters have more rainfall than summers. Wettest months are from October to December. December to February is the coldest months. Summers are usually dry. Average temperature in Rome is between 15-16 degree Celsius.

PEOPLE & LIFE STYLE: Rome is the fourth most populous city in European Union. Rome is predominantly Roman Catholic and it is the important center of religion and Christian pilgrimage. Rome is one of the most important tourist destinations.

GETTING TO ROME: International tourist of most of the countries can fly directly to Rome.Leonardo da Vinci airport, also known as Fiumicino Airport (FCO), is the main airport. It is located thirty kilometers southwest of the center of Rome. All International and domestic flights arrives in Fiumicino Airport. There is another airport in Rome, Ciampino. It serves mostly charter flights and is located 17 kilometers to the south of Rome.

VISA: To visit Rome, one must have Schengen Visa. Schengen Visa is valid for all 26 countries in Schengen Area, including Italy. Visa depends upon the type of travel one is doing. Type of visa also depends upon your Nationality and length of Stay.

CURRENCY: Currency of Rome is Euro (currency code: EUR). Currency is available in various denominations that can be easily differentiated. Coins in Rome exist in eight denominations starting from one cent to two euros. Reputable money changers include names likeRia exchange, National Exchange Company, etc.

Few Others:
Travel insurance is must when visiting Rome
Wear comfortable shoes as you will have a lot to walk
Drink responsibly
Sim cards are widely available
Avoid tourist trap restaurants.
Carry a universal travel adapter.
Appropriate clothing required
Need to carry pack of scarf
Beware of pickpockets and local scams
Don’t smoke in public areas
Emergency Numbers: Dial 112, 113 for Police, 115-fire brigade and 118 for first aid

Activities in Rome / Attractions in Rome

The Colosseum is built in the heart of Ancient Rome under Emperor Vespasian. Colosseum is an ovel share building and is the largest amphitheatre in the world. This building has 80 entrances and could seat approximately 50,000 spectators who can watch sports and games. Below the Colosseum is an underground passage and almost 36 trap doors for special effects.

Roman Forum: Roman Forum is the ancient city of Rome and gives the feel of ancient culture. The first building here was temple followed by public buildings. This area is also the political, economic, legal and social centre of the city. It also consists of marketplace used for shopping. The entrance gate of Roman Forum is near Via deiForiImperiali and the exit gate is near Colosseum. 

Trevi Fountain: It is also known as Fontana di Trevi and is one of the top celebrated fountains in Rome. There is a marble creation of merman, seahorses and tumbling pools and thousands of tourists visit Trevi fountain to have a glimpse of the creation. Trevi fountain is famous for its ritual coin toss. Tourists visit here and throw coins facing away from the fountain and holding the coin in right hand and tossing over the left shoulder. In addition to this, cinematic moments filmed here also attract the tourists. Tourists mostly visit Trevi fountain in the evening because of the lighting effect in the atmosphere. Hence, the crowd is heavy during evening.

Pantheon: Pantheon is one of the most spectacular sightsin Rome. It is one of the most complete ancient buildings of Rome. It is a Roman temple dedicated to Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. This is very important temple of Greeks. The streets of Pantheon are narrow for buses. Mostly used transport is hop on hop off buses. There is no metro station nearby. There is no admission/entrance fee for Pantheon.

Vatican, St. Peter's and Sistine Chapel: Vatican City is an independent city-statewithin Rome. It is also known as “Holy See”. It is ruled by Pope since 14th century. It is famous for its art and culture. There are other famous attractions in Rome: Saint Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in the world; The Vatican Museums, the greatest museum having famous masterpieces; the Sistine Chapel, the private chapel of Pope.  

Spanish Steps: The Spanish steps is a steep slope of around 174 steps between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinitadei Monti to reach the Trinitadei Monti Church at the Top. It was built under the patronage of the king of France, with the Spanish square below. At the foot of Spanish steps is a fountain called as Fontana dellaBarcaccia, also called as “fountain of Old Boat”. Because of its unique and elegant design, Spanish Steps has become famous amongst artists, painters and poets and hence has attracted Romans and tourists from different parts of the world. Also the first Mcdonald restaurant in Italy was opened near Spanish Steps.

Navona Square: Piazza Navona is one of the most beautiful squares in Rome.It consists of three amazing fountains and a church in the middle of the fountain. There is a stadium built at the site of the square. The stadium is rectangular in shape with short round sides. The stadium is used mainly for athletic purpose, wit contests and physical fitness. It is covered with white marble and has a capacity of upto 30,000 people. To the southern end of the square, located is The Fountain of the moor or the fontana del Moro, which represents an Ethiopian fighting with a dolphin. To the northern end of the piazza, located is The Fountain of Neptune or Fontana del Nettuno. The two fountains; The fountain of moor and the fountain of Neptune, are designed in similar appearance with tritons and large masks

The Fountain of the four rivers or Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, is the largest of the three fountains standing in piazza Navona. The fountain consists of four figures, each representing a river from different continents, namely Nile (Africa), Ganges (China), Danube (Europe) and Rio della Plata (The Americas).

Campo De Fiori: The Campo de’ Fiori also known as Field of flowers is another main squares of Rome. It is lively during the day; with its flower, fruit and vegetable market, and also during night; with people around the terraces. Campo De Fiori is popular part of Europe with many historical figures. It is considered to be one of the most beloved parts of the city. It is a market place for wide variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables every morning from Monday to Saturday. In the evening, it becomes a meeting place with lot of hustle bustle in restaurants, bars and terraces.

Villa Borghese: Villa Borghese is one of the largest public park in Rome, a quiet place, away from the hustle bustle of the city. Vehicle used in the park is a stroll. The route covers the main areas of the park. One can refer to the map scattered around the Villa Borghese. Bike hiring is one of the attractions in the park. One can easily find the hiring station within the vicinity of the park.

Hop-on Hop off sightseeing buses: There are many hop on hop off Bus tours that departs at regular intervals from fixed departure points. The tour gives you flexibility to choose the attraction you wish to explore at your own pace.

We specialize in Bespoke Tour packages. You can also explore other cities: Amsterdam, Budapest, Munich, Paris, Prague, Venice, Vienna, Zurich.

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