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Full Day - Mumbai Bollywood Tour



Studio sightseeing Juhu on your vacation plan

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Mumbai is the heart of Bollywood. This itinerary focuses on showing the other side of the camera of Indian cinemas. The itinerary stretches for a day covering top studios, production sets, watching a movie being filmed and others. If you are someone who loves film world, this is the right one for you.

There is a reason to why Mumbai was called as the city where dreams come true. Mumbai was the only area where major studios were present, a few decades ago. Lads and ladies with silver screen dreams come to Mumbai to get roles in movies or serials by impressing directors and producers of each studio. It is the place where silver screen dreams come true for actors.

Detailed Itinerary

The trip starts early in the morning after breakfast. A representative will meet you in your hotel room and take you on a ride to many shoot areas where film or ad or serial shooting is in progress. You can see a live shooting taking place with all artists and technicians.

Later, you will be taken to post-production work area where you can watch animation, dubbing and editing work takes place. You can also watch artists getting makeup and others. You will be taken on a studio sightseeing which includes top studios like Gemini, Chandivali and others. You will be educated on the old and modern cinema techniques. By late afternoon, you will be taken to Bandra and Juhu area to spot the houses of top Bollywood actors. Later, you will be taken to Eros Theater to watch a Bollywood movie being screened. The theater was inaugurated in 1938.

By the end of the day, you will be taken to a lavish hotel for a luxury dinner experience. You will be driven back to your hotel room. Thereafter, you can continue on your vacation plan.